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Welcome to the MOW-BY-SAT Project
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The priority objective of the MOW-BY-SAT project is to support the development of a GNSS based navigation and guidance system to be integrated into an autonomous lawnmower, paving the way for industrialisation and commercialisation of GNSS applications oriented to domestic service robot, operating outdoor.
Up to now, GNSS technologies are not much used in robotic applications. Beyond this concrete application the project aims to increase the adoption of the GNSS technologies towards robotics application, in a relation M2MM (Machine to Mobile Machine). In this context the project will study the benefits of European GNSS (EGNOS and Galileo).
The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 227824.

GPS World magazine
An article on the precision guidance technology of NAV ON TIME and the MOW-BY-SAT project has just been published in the last number of GPS World (December 2011).
The second demonstration of GPS guided autonomous mower prototype took place in the 7 Fontaines golf course near Brussels last June, the 14th.

Toulouse Space Show
The MOW-BY-SAT project will be presented on the “Toulouse Space Show” ( Toulouse, 8-11 June 2010) in a poster session of the “SPACE APPLI” event and through the presence of NAV ON TIME as exhibitor on the booth reserved to “Réseau de Pépinières d'Entreprises de Midi-Pyrénées”.
The MOW-BY-SAT project was presented in the Galileo Application Days conference, in Brussels, Belgium.
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